Cave Tour

“Awesome, exciting and magical!”


This is probably your best chance to experience a relaxing downstream ride on a traditional bamboo bilibili. Ours are well balanced and safe, and the warm shallow river is great for a dip! image020
The adventure begins in the famous Sigatoka Valley, where you’ll participate in customary kava rituals before a light trek across local farmland & through native forest
to visit the huge and awesome Naihehe Caves.

The cave is a natural wonder with extraordinary rock formations,
a sacred pond & legendary ‘pregnancy gap’ leading to the great
Cathedral Chamber. Airy and clean, it was once fortress to the
last pagan tribes of Fiji and you’ll see some awesome reminders –
the priest chamber, a ritual platform and cannibal oven!
We’ll fill you in on the historical facts and the superstitions.


You’ll hear the fascinating history of notorious Tongan warriors who reigned supreme in this area and glimpse ancient hill fortresses of Tavuni and Matanavatu.