Waterfall Tour

A brilliant blend of culture, nature and good fun!”


You’ll visit the home of a village chief and take part in authentic ceremonies; get an insight into the local folklore and superstitions – and hear about the days of voodoo & cannibalism.
You’ll learn about traditional plant medicines on a rustic rainforest trail and you can swim with the ‘gods’ in the legendary waterfall.   We’ll show you how to husk a coconut and serve tropical fruits while you just relax and enjoy the therapeutic waters and mystical tranquility of this magnificent natural setting.

You’ll wander through several shallow streams – each one a photographer’s delight, native bushland and lush tropical rainforest with guides who explain the traditional use of various plants along the way, including plant medicines.  At the waterfall you’ll learn how to husk a coconut, eat tropical fruits and do some fish feeding.

The waterfall itself is spectacular – dropping 120 feet down a rocky cliff into a picturesque swimming lagoon edged by giant ferns, wild red ginger and ancient Ivi trees with amazing root systems and hanging vines.  You’ll understand how legends are born in this tropical paradise setting. This is the favourite swimming place of the legendary “Twins” of Fiji.